Social Media Marketing for Miami Furniture Stores on Halloween 

Got some good furniture you want to sell and create a sale revolving around Halloween, or even other holidays?

Promote a contest on Facebook where people send you a picture of their kids dressed up. Whoever gets the most likes, comments, and shares win a kids bedroom of $1,000 value. Have a pumpkin carving contest at the store. Bring your best costumes to the store and you will receive “Spooktacular” prices 12 years old and younger. 

Have a “Howl-o-ween event” where customers post a picture of their pet dressed up in a Halloween costume in the comments. Whoever gets the most likes, comments, and shares wins. This holiday is great to incorporate children with while creating opportunities to bring more traffic to your business.

Miami Nightlife & Daylife

Miami, Florida is known for its crazy nightlife, party vibes, and all around late-night fun with more than enough to do. What many people don’t consider when they think about Miami is how great of an area it is to live. Perfect summer weather year-round, beaches in close proximity, numerous amazing restaurants, and the welcoming feel of a diverse city. Whether you are from the north or south, you will find something you truly love in Vice City.